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Publish date: Dec 2, 2010

Rules on Preseason Scrimmages

The first opportunity to conduct a practice scrimmage is the same day as the first opportunity to practice [i.e., 5 p.m. the Friday nearest October 15]. Further, a practice scrimmage may be conducted at any point during the season. The practice scrimmage may not be included on the institution's published season schedule and may not count against either team's won/loss records.

Only athletics department staff members and those individuals necessary to conduct the practice scrimmage may be present during the scrimmage. Further, the institution must ensure the scrimmage is free from public view and media are not in attendance.

Only prospective student-athletes (and those accompanying the prospective student-athletes) who are making official visits to the host institution may attend the practice scrimmage. Prospective student-athletes on unofficial visits may not attend such a practice scrimmage.

An official score and/or statistics for the practice scrimmage may not be kept. However, an institution may keep score and/or statistics for private use. The institution may not post the score and/or statistics in a newspaper, on the participating institutions' Web sites, conferences' Web sites or any other location. In addition, an institution may not provide the score and/or any statistics to any type of media outlet.

All student-athletes participating in the practice scrimmage are subject to the daily and weekly hour limitations. A practice scrimmage is considered to be a contest. Therefore, participation in the practice scrimmage and any associated athletically related activities count as three hours regardless of the actual duration of the scrimmage or associated athletically related activities.