Behind the Blue Disk

Publish date: Apr 11, 2011

College Football Officiating, LLC

What is College Football Officiating (CFO), LLC? The CFO is a separate entity created by the NCAA and the Collegiate Commissioners Association to enhance college football officiating and act as a central point-of-contact for college football officiating issues.

What is the Collegiate Commissioners Association (CCA)? The CCA is an organization of commissioners or executive directors of the major college athletics conferences.

Who is in charge of CFO? A conference commissioner chairs CFO and the NCAA vice president for baseball and football is the vice chair. The national coordinator of football supervisors reports to the board of managers. CFO is governed by a board of 15 managers, composed of 11 representatives from the Division I Football Bowl Subdivision, two representatives from the Division I Football Championship Subdivision and two representatives appointed by NCAA president Mark Emmert.

In addition, the American Football Coaches Association has a representative in an ex officio capacity.

Why is CFO needed? The overall goal of CFO is to bring more consistency to officiating calls, rules interpretations and officiating mechanics across the college football landscape.

Is this strictly a Division I initiative? For now, the focus is on Division I officiating, although educational material is shared with Divisions II and III conferences.

How does CFO standardize college football officiating? The NCAA works with officials by providing rules books, rules videos and training videos. To further ensure that all officials consistently apply NCAA rules, CFO institutes procedures and accountability, and provides online educational and professional development tools for officials.

Who assigns officials to high-profile games? The conferences evaluate officials and the NCAA’s national coordinator assigns officials to high-profile events such as bowl games.

Would blending officiating crews from different conferences or regions bring more consistency? There is no NCAA requirement for blended officiating crews either by conference or region, although the blending and regionalizing of crews is happening through conference collaboration. However, blending or regionalizing officiating does not fully achieve the ultimate goal of standardizing officiating across the country. Geographic location or conference affiliation should not be factors in how games are officiated.

How can I become a college football official? Contact an athletics conference in your region to learn more about becoming a college football official.

Where can I find out more about CFO? Check out the CFO website at